Welcome to My Herräng

Within this administrational system, all registrations and bookings should preferably take place. At this moment, your personal Herräng ID should be visible on the right side below the menu. Since the idea of the system is that each student should have her/his individual ID, please do not use your personal ID for any bookings for other people than yourself.

Please use the links at the top access the various part of the site. Please also note that some applications on the Herräng main website may open in a new window and/or require to re-enter your Herräng ID and password.
Please visit the main site for photos, forums and newsletter preferences. My Herräng is existing exclusively for registrations and bookings, no other purpose.

Note that My Herräng uses jQuery UI and as such requires IE 6.0+, Firefox 3+, Safari 3.1+, Opera 9.6+, or Google Chrome. For more details please see the jQuery UI page.